Trademark Services Offered by Bold IP

Trademark Search: Better safe than Sorry! Bold IP will do a comprehensive search of the public trademark databases and provide an opinion as to whether your proposed design or mark meets the standards of eligibility and whether it is different enough from other marks in commerce to be able to achieve registration. In order to be able to stake your claim on a brand design or work mark, there must be no other confusingly similar design or mark in the same competitive field as your business.

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Trademark Application: This is your brand. Be Bold! Work with our talented attorneys to claim State and Federal Trademark Application for your business’ name, brand, design or trade dress. We will work with you and really get to know and understand your business, your goals and vision. Knowing your business is our business – and representing you before the USPTO is what we do every day. The most important part of assuring you capture the right registration is assuring it lines up with your business goals now and in 5, 10 and 15 years from now.

Trademark Monitoring: Once you get your trademark registered, the hard work of enforcing your brand beings! Let us work hard in your corner to provide you with an initial landscape analysis of all of the competing products/services that are encroaching or infringing your rights you have on your word mark or logo. The analysis will uncover anyone that may be currently infringing on your registered trademark. Then, periodically, we will provide you an ongoing monthly monitoring service that fits your needs. Monitoring is critical to ensuring you and your team are staying abreast of potential infringers! Let us know what level of monitoring you need.

Trademark Litigation Support: Bold IP stands ready to represent you and your business in litigation to defend against trademark infringement claims or to help you pursue and defend your registered mark against a would-be infringer. Bold IP looks for opportunities to settle with opposing parties before court costs and lengthy proceedings begin by arranging licensing or purchase agreements.

Why Have an Attorney Do a Trademark Search?

Why Have an Attorney File Your Trademark Application?

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