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US 20160192598A1 – Plants use a photosensitive pigment to detect light. One of these, phytochrome, detects light in the red and far red spectrum and affects plant signals to “wake” or “sleep.” Different important biological processes occur in plants during these times. In addition to the time of day, many plants track the length of days with phytochrome and related systems; this allows, for example, a plant to know when the days are getting shorter in the fall, signaling the best time to convert from producing vegetative tissues to producing flowering tissues. The apparatus, system, and method described in this patent uses a combination of different types of lighting devices, connected to a system that when performed per a specific method, replicates the effects of sunrise and sunset by providing certain wavelengths of light at certain times.
Horticulture Light
US 20160227757A1 – Generic flies are a world-wide annoyance that are generally attracted to human food among other sources of heat, moisture and areas prone to quick development of bacteria. Flies land on and come into contact with a wide range of decaying organic substances either in search of food or a place to lay their eggs and the fly can easily transfer bacteria or disease on those substances to the next landing place. Thus, the spread of bacteria or disease from flies coming into contact with human food or human surroundings is a major health concern. This patent is for a fly repellent device comprised of: A water-filled transparent container of approximately spherical shape. A combination of integrated multi-faceted beads and water inside the spherical device frighten and confuse flies by the multiple thousands of reflective images when the Fly Ball is introduced to light.
US20160044400A1 – When it comes to carrying around charger cords, ear buds, and any other wired devices, it is a pain to figure out how to store the wires and cords without having a bird’s nest of a mess the next time a person pulls them out. This patent relates to a cost-effective, protective containment of devices, such as music ear buds. The device is made up a customizable center tag, and two cylindrical bases. The bases are connected by a reel element. A person’s wired device may be wrapped around the reel element to neatly store and protect your wired device when not in use. One base has a flap connected to one of the bases, and may be flipped to enclose any and all wires within the reel.
Earbud Holder
US20140075823A1 – This patent relates generally to fishing sinkers and weights, and more specifically to a fishing weight having optimized buoyancy characteristics such that the weight tends to rest on top of foreign submerged material, e.g. water-milfoil, rather than sinking into and becoming entangled in the material. The fishing weight comprises a cylindrically shaped body made of a synthetic cork material, which on its own tends to float in water. The fishing weight further comprises a weight element inserted into the body to achieve optimal buoyancy characteristics of the apparatus as a whole. Each of two opposing ends of the cylindrically shaped body have attached thereto means for connecting the fishing weight to at least one of fishing line and/or a leader line having a hook at the end thereof.
US 009171147B2 – Password security is a matter of great importance for most individuals, companies, organizations, government agencies, and any groups or entities that deal with sensitive data (hereafter referred to as “password users” or “users”). Passwords that are weak are easily cracked using any of several known techniques. When passwords are cracked sensitive information is often compromised. Thus, users typically seek to increase password strength.. This process and system allows for a password owner to set one password, and use it for life. Using a combination of colors, sizes, fonts, letter position, and etcetera, a password owner is given the ability to customize and encrypt the letter that make up his/her password in nearly 50 different ways.
US 20170004561A1 – Stuffmapper is a computerized method of locating, communicating, and prioritizing private party transactions involving goods, services, or information about goods or services. Stuffmapper’s intention is to promote the repurposing and recycling of used goods, or the offering of free services. Users, referred to as “Listers”, with unwanted items have the ability to give away their things by listing their items on Stuffmapper. A lister may also provide free services to other users. Other users, referred to as “Lookers”, are able to claim, or call “dibs”, on said items or services if they are interested in the item(s) or service(s). Other features include search filters, allowing users to search for free goods and services based upon categories, such as arts & crafts, books, games, & media, furniture, electronics, sporting goods, and etcetera. Users may also set geographic filters when listing or searching to ensure a listed item or service is geographically accessible to the “listers” or the “lookers”.
US 007963654B2 – The invention relates to a subjective refractor for determining refractive error of the eye comprising an optical system for presenting at least two targets to the eye, the difference of focus between the targets greater than the predicted depth of focus of the eye; –means for indicating target preference from the presented targets; and means for determining refractive error of the eye on the basis of target preference.
US 007887464B1 – A motorized rehabilitative device for simulating and inducing normal walking motion for individuals needing physical rehabilitation includes a base, a pair of side supporting members, and adjustable u-shaped handle bars mounted to the side supporting members. Each side supporting member includes an interiorly mounted foot bar and foot bar support plate that are capable of reciprocable up and down motion to simulate and facilitate the walking motion of the individual disposed on the device having one foot secured to each foot bar and positioned upright and between the side supporting members with the handle bars used as support. The foot bars and foot bar support plates are interconnected to motor driven gear and pulley systems contained with the side supporting members and the gear and pulley systems include cyclically extending and retracting pistons that transfer mechanical motion to the foot bars and the speed of motion being controllable from a handle bar mounted control panel.
US 008550257B2 – A ceramic water purifying device is provided. The device includes a silver treated packed particle bed in one embodiment. The device may also include feldspar or bottled glass. The device uses a porous grog with a body composition of clay and a source of Fe3+. Further, an earthenware water purification filter utilizing the porous grog in the body composition of the filter. Further, an earthenware filter utilizing Fe3+ treatment for water disinfection is disclosed. A water purification system incorporating said filter said water purification system capable of removing about 99% of all particles not less than 1.0 micron is size, and removing virtually 100% of fecal coliform indicators.
US 007927311B1 – A lightweight comfortable support sling formed of soft flexible fabric material is supported around the back of the neck of postoperative patients in an inverted U-shaped configuration with the opposed ends of the sling hanging down along the front or sides of the patient’s torso. Multiple conventional post-surgical fluid drainage receptacles can be secured at each end of the sling by hook and loop fasteners and adjustably positioned at locations adjacent to the body of the wearer to allow easy access and avoid tangling and stress on the drain tubes. While still having the drainage receptacles attached, the sling can be separated in the middle and easily removed from the patient’s neck to relieve pressure, then re-fastened for ambulation. The sling is capable of supporting ten or more drainage bulbs.
US 009199712B2 – This disclosure relates generally to the field of steering systems for marine propulsion, and more specifically, to a remote mounted motor command input device for marine vessels that enables a boat operator to control a motor via a tiller arm remotely mounted at a location non-adjacent to the motor. A purpose of the device is to allow for an operator to safely and conveniently control the motor, which is mounted aft of the rear platform near the bottom of the boat transom, from within the region enclosed by the main deck perimeter railing. Therefore, the operator is not tempted to control the outboard motor while standing on the rear platform of the marine vessel and is not required to leave the main deck area or enter the cockpit in order to control the motor.
US 20160367054A1 – The invention is directed to a hand operated device for storing, measuring and dispensing of powder or granular materials, with effectively simplified structure and reduced number of parts, having a solid housing integrating material storage container with stationer parts of a dispenser, comprising: special compartments and sound damper, made of elastic porous material that makes work of the device quite and thus acceptable for users; a means for one touch assembly and disassembly of an inner space of the device where a dispenser is located; structural elements for dispensing a predetermined volume of the material or its fraction, including stopping means for reduction of length of working stroke of the dispensing mechanism; a means making the device reliable when it is used with materials including sticky particles; a means providing the device configured to delivery more then one material stored in one device, including more then one material transporting mechanisms inside the dispenser; and structural elements providing exact measuring, and sifting or pouring of the materials.
US 007771591B2 – A first filter basket sits down into a catch basin and has an upper flange that rests on a shoulder provided in the catch basin for supporting a grate. The filter basket has expanded metal side and bottom walls which are adapted to pass liquid and catch particulate material larger in size than the wall openings. A geo-textile liner is optionally positioned inside of the filter basket. The liner is supported on a lower rim flange. Posts on the rim flange extend upwardly through openings in marginal portions of the liner. A smaller second filter basket is optionally supported inside the larger first filter basket. An absorbent pillow may be positioned between the bottoms of the two filter baskets to catch and absorb oils and greases that are in the liquid that enters the catch basin.
US 20150161585 – Embodiments provide methods, systems, and computer readable storage media to facilitate a transaction in an electronic commerce system. Aspects of the embodiments include receiving a request at a network-connected transaction server to transfer one or more transaction items involving a first user account on the transaction server, selecting a delivery instrument from one or more available delivery instruments associated with the first user account on the transaction server, authorizing the request based at least upon a unique transaction identifier associated with the request and a unique user device identifier associated with a user access device, transferring a quantity of the one or more transaction items into or out of the selected delivery instrument, wherein the quantity is determined at least based upon the authorized request.

15. Portable Retractable Reeling Device for Medical Line Management

This device is a Portable Retractable Reeling Device for Medical Line Management, also known as Oxyleash. Oxyleash is an easy to use, retractable reeling device for medical line management. Oxyleash is compact and as a feature enabling it to be worn on the user’s hip. This aids in convenience and the mobility of the patient. Overall, this device ultimately increases safety and autonomy for patients that require a medical oxygen line.

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