Portland Patent Attorney

Portland patent attorneyThe nucleus of the successful businesses run by many entrepreneurs and inventors are their intellectual properties. Without trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and copyrights, that competitive advantage could be put in jeopardy. With a comprehensive strategy designed by your Portland patent attorney, you can reduce your anxiety and stress about protecting these vital assets and gain the freedom to focus on your business goals.

How Do Patents Protect Your IP?

Bold IP understands that you must protect your intellectual property so that you can maintain your technological edge over your competitors and those who would steal your designs. Patents give you the exclusive right to profit from your hard work. It prevents others from making, using, selling, or importing your original products and processes into the United States for the life of the patent, or about twenty years.

We utilize three different types of patents:

  • Utility patents protect the function of your invention, or how it works.
  • Design patents protect the ornamental or aesthetic features of your invention, or how it appears.
  • Plant patents protect your discovery or development of a new variety of asexually reproduced plant.

Your patent application will be reviewed and evaluated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The process is time-intensive and requires meticulous technical and legal analyses. If the application meets stringent criteria, the USPTO will approve and issue the patent.

Initial Patent Consultations

Choosing a Portland patent attorney is an important step in the process. You should understand the patent law firm’s culture and approach. At Bold IP, we set the foundation for a positive and protective client relationship with an informative and straightforward initial consultation. We consider your current invention, your IP plan, and your overall business goals. Together, you and your attorney will develop IP strategies and solutions to fit your long-term business objectives.

Search for Patentability

A patentability search is an essential step to ensure that your application will not receive a delay or denial due to other patents, challenges, or prior art. The patent search will verify that your invention is non-obvious, novel, and useful, three important criteria for every patent application. If the patent search discovers a similar patent, you have the opportunity to redesign your invention and improve its patentability.

In order to perform a thorough patent search, you must know your invention well. Patent searches include detailed reviews of technical and scientific literature, patent databases, and other inventions and art. They are very time-consuming and require meticulous attention to detail. A Bold IP can perform a careful patent search, evaluate your patent application’s likely success, and recommend ways to increase your chance of approval.

Provisional Patent Applications

A provisional patent application (PPA) is often the next step in the patent process, and will be filed before a nonprovisional patent application. The PPA is helpful because it will

  • allow you to label your invention as “patent pending,” and
  • preserve an earlier priority date if you file the nonprovisional patent application within a year of the PPA.

Your Portland patent attorney will help you determine if a PPA is to your advantage.

Nonprovisional Patent Application

For most inventors and entrepreneurs, the ultimate goal is the nonprovisional or final patent. The patent application has strict requirements. It must

  • clearly state what your application covers, and
  • provide comprehensive technical specifications, including drawings, if necessary.

Applications that are vague or overly broad can delay the process or be denied. Your Portland patent attorney will work with you to craft a patent application that meets the stringent requirements of the USPTO.

Patent Prosecution

The USPTO reviews your application’s claims and validity in a process called “patent prosecution.” Often, the USPTO will request amendments to the application, particularly if the application is vague or overly broad. A Portland patent attorney is experienced in the process and will work with you throughout the amendment. Moreover, if necessary, he will help you through the appeals process to ensure that your application has a maximum chance for success.

Foreign Patent Rights

A United States patent will only protect your IP in the U.S. Depending on the needs of your business, you may want to consider international patents. The Patent Cooperation Treaty provides a standardized procedure for filing patent applications in each of its member nations. We can educate you about the PCT, as well as refer you to co-counsel who are experts in the PCT application process.

Consult With an Accomplished Portland Patent Attorney

Bold IP is committed to helping its clients protect their intellectual property by both establishing and implementing an IP strategy based on the business’s goals and interests. An accomplished Portland patent attorney with Bold IP can provide you with comprehensive IP solutions. Bold IP will help you protect your inventions and your competitive edge by reducing your anxiety and stress as you navigate the patent application process. We specialize in software, health care, and aerospace issues. To learn how we can help, call a Portland patent attorney at Bold IP for a free consultation: 888-469-6355.