Patent Search Opinions

Prepared to start the patenting process? Bold IP offers a number of services that will fit all of your patent needs! See the list below for our full list of patent prosecution service offerings.


  • Patentability Search & Opinion: For a client that wants to know what patents or publications (known as prior art) are already out in the public. This helps answer the basic question of novelty: “Is my invention or improvement really new?”
  • Compare Plans: Bold IP offers three PSO packages for any level of inventor and entrepreneur. If you have questions regarding our different plans, please consult our Plans page. Below, we have provided examples of PSO reports at the Starter, Innovator, and Bold plans!
Starter Package
Innovator Package
Bold Package
  • Portfolio Analysis: Bold IP works with your businesses to gain an understanding of the strategic business goals and prepares an in depth market-centric analysis of your current patents and pending applications to identify which patents and publications should be maintained, reworked or abandoned. Further, the analysis will identify opportunities for innovation and areas which represent a gap in technology that is necessary to achieve the short or long term business goals.
  • Invention Harvesting: Our team will come on-site to your business where your research and development team works to do a 1, 2 or 3 day “invention harvesting” workshop. The workshop begins by developing a set of “technology gaps” between the present day and where the company is going 3-5 years down the road. Making Bold Leaps to close the technology gaps will be accomplished through either invention or protection via trade secrets.
  • Landscape Report & Analysis: The objective of a Landscape study in a particular technology domain/market area is to provide analysis of existing knowledge on that specific technology and to indicate empty spaces (where there is either an unmet need or a unsolved problem).
  • Evidence of Use Charts & Analysis: Evidence of Use (EoU) helps patent owners identify potentially infringing products in the marketplace. Our EoU charts patent claim elements to specific features of identified products and services, and provides an indication of the strength of patent infringement assertion.

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