Mountlake Terrace Patent Attorney

Mountlake Terrace Patent AttorneyAs an inventor or entrepreneur, your most valuable asset is often your intellectual property. Without the protection of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets, your advantages in the marketplace could be lost. Your Mountlake Terrace patent attorney will partner with you to develop a comprehensive IP strategy so that you can focus on what you do best.

Securing your intellectual property is important to your business and can cause you considerable anxiety and stress. At Bold IP, our business is patent law. We are a national firm that specializes in aerospace, health care, and software issues.

Overview of the Patent Application Process

Patents offer protection for new processes and products. To maintain your edge in the marketplace, as well as to protect you from competitors and copy cats, intellectual protection is crucial. A patent will help you maintain an exclusive right to exclude others from making, using, selling, or importing your intellectual property into the United States for approximately 20 years.

Your Bold IP attorney can help you apply for three types of patents:

  • Utility Patent: This will protect how your invention works, its functional features.
  • Design Patent: This will protect how your intention appears, its ornamental features.
  • Plant Patent: This can protect a new variety of asexually reproduced plant.

The United States Patent and Trademark office (USPTO) evaluates and assesses patent applications. This time-intensive requires intensive technical and legal analyses. If your application meets all strict criteria, USPTO will issue an American patent. Here is overview of what you expect from Bold IP.

Initial Patent Consultation

Your partnership with your Mountlake Terrace patent attorney can be critical to the success of your venture. It is vital that you understand and are comfortable with your patent law firm’s culture and approach. The initial patent consultation will set a foundation for a positive and lasting relationship with Bold IP.

At the initial consultation, the attorneys at Bold IP will concentrate on your overall business objectives and your inventions. With a thorough understanding of your needs, your Mountlake Terrace patent attorney can craft solutions and IP strategies personalized for your firm and in keeping with your long-term business goals. We will assess the chances of your patent application being approved and help you consider approaches to increase the likelihood of success. Call today for a free consultation with a Mountlake Terrace patent attorney to discuss your intellectual property needs and goals.

Searches for Patentability

Before applying for a patent, your Mountlake Terrace patent attorney perform a patent search to ensure that your invention is novel, nonobvious, and useful. The search can help to ensure that there exists no prior patent, challenge, or art that could delay your application. Therefore, our patent searches include a detailed review of scientific and technical literature, patent databases, and a review of prior inventions and art.

Provisional Patent Application

To designate an invention as “patent pending,” you may choose to file a provisional patent application (PPA). If you file a PPA, the patent office will preserve the earlier priority date as long as you submit your nonprovisional patent application within a year of the PPA. Your Mountlake Terrace patent attorney at can help you determine if a PPA will offer you an advantage.

Nonprovisional Patent Application

If you goal is to obtain a nonprovisional patent, your application must adhere to strict requirements:

  • It must state clearly what the application covers.
  • It must include complete and detailed technical data, including necessary drawings.

The patent office will delay or deny applications that are vague or overly broad. Bold IP can help ensure that your application meets the rigorous USPTO criteria.

Patent Prosecution

The USPTO will review your application’s claims and validity in a process called “patent prosecution.” This process often requires that the applicant amend the application to provide more detail and overcome vague or overly broad elements. Your Mountlake Terrace patent attorney is well versed in the application process and can help you craft amendments or file an appeal, if necessary.

Foreign Patent Rights

A US patent will protect your intellectual property in the United States. It may be advantageous for you to obtain international patent protections depending on the geographical scope of your business. Bold IP can explain the process and refer you to co-counsel to help you file an application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), an international treaty that standardizes procedures for filing patent applications in each of its member countries.

Partner With an Experienced Mountlake Terrace Patent Attorney

The Bold IP team can help you personalize and implement an IP strategy and provide you with comprehensive solutions to safeguard your inventions and your business. Our goal is to reduce the stress and uncertainties of the patent process through application of our experience and expertise. Call now for a free consultation with a Mountlake Terrace patent attorney: 888-469-6355.