JAMES M. FRENCH – Patent Attorney

Based out of downtown Manhattan, New York City, James French brings together a unique constellation of skills and experiences to his practice as an electrical engineering and computer science-focused patent attorney. James is particularly excited to work with Bold IP assisting individual and small business inventors working on innovative new personal electronic devices. James brings Bold IP diverse competencies and familiarity with programming, software development, and graphic, web, and video design.

Prior to Bold IP, James gained unique insight into trauma and injury medicine through his work representing claimants who sustained work-related injuries, developing a familiarity with pain management medical technologies and an interest in studying the law surrounding generic pharmaceutical patents. A graduate of the University of Idaho where he undertook intensive electrical engineering studies at one of the finest departments of its kind. James studied intellectual property at New York Law School where he received his Juris Doctorate. Before becoming admitted to practice before the USPTO as a registered patent attorney, James subsequently undertook additional study of advanced computer science topics at the State University of New York including cryptographic systems.

James also brings a passion for supporting women and minority inventors as an extension to a decade of work for social justice causes, including domestic violence victim advocacy and gender equality; in addition to his Bachelors and Juris Doctor James also holds a minor in Women’s Studies. When not working James enjoys spending time with his wife and son, meditating, playing computer games, and working on computer projects such as jury-rigging DIY VR headsets.


  • Appellate Division of the State of New York, 2nd Department
  • USPTO Reg.# 73899