BRETT PRIEUR – Patent Attorney

Brett Prieur is a registered United States Patent and Trademark attorney based in Miami, Florida. Brett received his J.D. from the University of Miami School of Law and his B.S. from the Arizona State University College of Engineering.

As an aeronautical engineering major and certified private pilot, Mr. Prieur’s background is rooted in the aviation industry. Prior to his career in patent law, Brett practiced for several years as an aviation attorney in New York City, representing aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and airports on a wide variety of legal issues. Additionally, he has direct business experience working within the aircraft aftermarket space.

For Mr. Prieur, the allure of the patent field stems from an acute interest in invention and innovation. Having had significant personal experience in the entrepreneurial realm, Brett has a strong passion for working with entrepreneurs and small businesses during the nascent stages of their development.

In his free time, Brett enjoys being on the water: boating, kayaking, swimming, and occasionally catching a fish.