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Houston patent attorneyIntellectual property is one of the most valuable assets for many inventors and entrepreneurs. However, your competitive advantage could disappear if you don’t have the protections offered by patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. A Houston patent attorney can help you safeguard your intellectual property (IP) by creating a comprehensive IP strategy so you can focus on achieving your long-term business goals.

Patent Law Overview

Patents are critical because they offer protection for new and innovated products and processes. It is vital to protect your IP in research and development in order to maintain your technological advantage over your competitors and any copycats. Patents prevent the manufacture, utility, sale or importation of your invention into the U.S. for twenty years. All U.S. patent applications are filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which evaluates, assess and issues American patents. The process of obtaining a patent is often time-intensive, requiring detailed legal and technical analyses.

We utilize three forms of patents:

  • Utility patents to protect the functional features of your inventions (how your invention works);
  • Design patents to protect the ornamental, non-functional features of your invention (how your invention appears); and,
  • Plant patents to protect your invention or discovery of a new variety of plant that you asexually reproduced from being used by your competitors.

Initial Patent Consultations

At Bold IP, we believe that initial consultations set the foundation for a beneficial, long-term relationship. We will focus on your overall business strategies and objectives as well as your current invention. Armed with this information, we can craft IP strategies and solutions that are personalized to your needs while aligning with your long-term goals.

Patentability Searches

It is important to meticulously perform a patent search prior to applying for a patent. A patent search can be tedious, because it requires a detailed understanding of your invention as well as time and effort to thoroughly review technical and scientific literature, patent databases, and other prior inventions and art. This is to ensure there are no existing patents, prior art and other challenges that could result in a significant delay of your application. Based on this diligent review, our Houston patent attorney can then provide you with an informed evaluation of the likely success of your patent application, as well as provide recommendations that will increase the chances of your application’s approval.

Provisional Patent Applications

It is common for inventors and entrepreneurs to first file a provisional patent application (PPA) before filing a nonprovisional, or final, patent application. This is beneficial since a PPA permits you to designate your invention as “patent pending,” preserving an earlier priority date so long as you file your nonprovisional patent application within a year of your PPA. Our Houston patent attorney can review with you whether it is advantageous to file a PPA.

Nonprovisional Patent Applications

Many inventors and entrepreneurs’ ultimate goal is to obtain a nonprovisional patent. You must, however, adhere to the application’s strict requirements, such as:

  • Clearly stating what your application covers
  • Providing detailed technical data, including, if needed, drawings

Your application could be unnecessarily delayed or denied if it is overly broad or vague. By collaborating with you, our Houston patent attorney can ensure that you have a well-drafted, rock solid patent application that meets the USPTO’s rigorous criteria.

Patent Prosecution

Through the patent prosecution process, the USPTO will review your application’s claims and validity. USPTO frequently requests amendments, especially for very broad patent applications. Our skilled patent attorneys can help you navigate the amendment and, if necessary, appeal processes.

Foreign Patent Rights

U.S. patents will only protect your IP in the United States. Depending on the scope of your business, you may wish to obtain patent protections internationally. We can educate you on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) — an international patent law treaty that provides unified procedures for filing patent applications in each of its contracting states. We will also connect you with an experienced co-counsel to assist in the PCT application process.

Consult an Experienced Houston Patent Attorney

A seasoned and knowledgeable Houston patent attorney with Bold IP can help you create and apply a personalized IP strategy that protects your business interests and your inventions. We provide our clients with legitimate and comprehensive IP solutions. Our goal is to remove the stress and anxiety associated with protecting your innovative products and processes while seamlessly navigating the patent application system. We specialize in aerospace, software issues, and health care. For additional information, contact Bold IP at 800-849-1913 for a free consultation.

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