Provisional Patent Application

A Bold approach to Provisional Patent Applications!

Provisional ApplicationPackages Include:InnovatorBold
Patent AgentA Certified USPTO Patent Agent will be handling the drafting, communicating and managing of your project.
Basic SpecificationA thorough detailed description of your invention including references to any drawing figures.
Kickoff MeetingA meeting which our Bold team will create a custom plan for you and your business with the goal of navigating through the invention disclosure process by identifying key milestones, deliverables and objectives of the project.
Patent AttorneyA USPTO certified Patent Attorney will be dedicated to you and your invention. This Patent Attorney understands the laws and the rules that govern inventions and their prosecution through the USPTO. This attorney will be your main point of contact through the application drafting, finalization and submittal phases.
Bold Idea Expansion MeetingA separate meeting dedicated to brainstorming and researching alternative embodiments of the invention. The goal of the meeting is to explore all of the possible ways the invention could possibly perform the key functions.
3 Free DrawingsDraft, Iterate and Finalize three full drawing sheet to be filed along with the specification. Note additional drawing sheets are $200/page.
Electronic CopyA confidential copy of the as-filed patent application will be made available for download as an electronic Portable Data Format (PDF).
$500 Credit toward NonprovisionalThis credit may be used toward a Provisional or Nonprovisional at the Innovator* Category Level.
Unlimited DrawingsDraft, Iterate and Finalize an as many full drawing sheets as needed (within reason) to be filed along with the specification.
Managing Attorney RevisionThe Managing Attorney will personally review the entire specification, drawing and paperwork and give suggestions for improvement throughout.
Prototype Planning MeetingDevelop a plan for producing the first set of prototypes, seeking bids from developers/prototypes and helping to decide on a path forward.
$1000 Credit toward NonprovisionalThis credit may be used toward a Nonprovisional at the Bold* Category Level.