Principal Register Application

A Bold approach to Principal Register Applications!

Kickoff MeetingA meeting which our Bold team will create a custom plan for you and your business with the goal of navigating through the trademark application process by identifying key milestones, deliverables and objectives of the project.
Hard Copy of Trademark ApplicationA confidential copy of the as-filed trademark application will be sent to your mailing address for your records.
Trademark AttorneyAn experienced trademark attorney will be dedicated to you and your proposed trademark. This trademark attorney understands the laws and the rules that govern trademark registration. This attorney will be your main point of contact through the application drafting, finalization and submittal phases.
Bold Idea Expansion MeetingA separate meeting dedicated to brainstorming and researching alternative trademarks. The goal of the meeting is to explore all possible alternative trademarks in the event your proposed trademark is unavailable.
Electronic CopyA confidential copy of the as-filed application will be made available for download as an electronic Portable Data Format (PDF).