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Chicago patent attorneyProtect your valuable intellectual property with the help of an experienced Chicago patent attorney. For many entrepreneurs and inventors, IP is one of their most valuable assets. However, without patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secret protections, you may lose your competitive advantage. Our Chicago IP lawyers are here to help you protect your intellectual property and reach your long-term business goals.

An Overview of Patent Law

Patents are an important part of your comprehensive IP strategy. Once an invention is patented, others cannot make, use, sell, or import it into the U.S. for twenty years. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) evaluates and issues American patents. Typically, obtaining a patent is a time-intensive process involving a detailed technical and legal analysis.

Initial Patent Consultations

Before you hire a Chicago patent attorney, make sure you understand the law firm’s approach and culture. To us, initial patent consultations are the foundation of a long-term and beneficial relationship. At Bold IP, your initial consultation will focus on both your current invention and your overall business goals and strategies. This information helps us craft IP solutions that are tailored to your needs and align with your long-term objectives.

Patentability Searches

Before you apply for a patent, it is important to perform a thorough patentability search. A patent search requires a detailed understanding of your invention– as well as a thorough review of patent databases, technical and scientific literature, and other prior art. Based on this review, we can help you understand your patent application’s likelihood of success and can suggest approaches that may assist in a successful application.

While you can perform a basic patent search yourself, an inadequate search may not uncover existing patents, prior art, and other challenges. Since this could result in significant delays or the denial of your application, it’s always best to work with a Chicago patent attorney.

Provisional Patent Applications

Many inventors and entrepreneurs file a provisional patent application (PPA) before submitting a nonprovisional (or final) patent application. Importantly, a PPA allows you to designate your invention as “patent pending” and may preserve an earlier priority date (as long as you file a nonprovisional patent application within one year of your PPA). A Chicago patent attorney can help you determine whether a PPA is in your best interest.

Nonprovisional Patent Applications

A nonprovisional patent is typically an inventor’s ultimate goal. However, the application process has strict requirements. Your patent application must clearly state what your application covers, provide detailed technical data (including necessary drawings), and other important information. An overly broad or vague application may result in unnecessary delays and an eventual denial. We collaborate with our clients, ensuring their applications meet the USPTO’s rigorous criteria and are well-drafted.

Patent Prosecution

Once your application is filed, the USPTO will review its claims and validity. This process is commonly called “patent prosecution.” Frequently, the USPTO will request amendments (especially if your patent application is very broad). We can help you navigate the amendment process and any necessary appeals.

Foreign Patent Rights

In addition to protecting your U.S. patent rights, we can help you file a patent cooperation treaty application. If you want to file patents in specific countries, we will educate you about the general application process and connect you with skilled, international co-counsel.

Consult With a Chicago Patent Attorney

A Chicago patent attorney can help you craft and implement a personalized IP strategy that protects your inventions and business interests. Bold IP provides its clients with agile and comprehensive intellectual property solutions. We specialize in aerospace, health care, and software issues. Contact our Chicago office for a consultation today: 888-469-6355.

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