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The Licensing Jungle, Season 1: Episode 1: The Jungle Welcomes Bold IP to Answer All Your Patent and Intellectual Property Questions

Bold IP was featured on nationally covered “The Licensing Jungle” with Jeffrey Mangus of Product Coach USA on July 5th, 2017. This podcast covers some really interesting ground that most any inventor needs to hear around NDAs, basics of provisional vs. non-provisional filing and some of the things to keep in mind as the patent asset becomes more real and licensing/sale becomes a true option.

The Idea Medic, Episode 15: Patent Attorney JD Houvener on Protecting Your Creative Work

J.D. Houvener, Patent Attorney and Founder of Bold IP, shares insight on innovation and inventorship with Tara and the Idea Medic community on her Podcast. J.D. talks about the passion he has behind patent law and gets into some specifics regarding the tradeoffs and differences for when to seek trade secrets vs. patent protection.