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Why Doesn't Bold Publish Pricing?
Here at Bold Patents, we treat every invention and every business owner with a unique approach. The main reason we do not show pricing on our page is that we do not (and sometimes cannot due to conflicts) work with every client that requests our services. In other words, we are not offering our services to just anyone - because let's face it, not everyone or every idea is Bold.
We believe strongly in a 2-way attorney-client relationship. This means that the relationship needs to be rewarding for both of us for it to make sense. So, while you thought that you were the one shopping around, trying to find the right attorney, we are shopping around trying to find the right clients!
The Right Service at Right Complexity Level
In order to properly price or quote our legal fees, we need to determine what the next step is in the invention process in order to protect the most amount of rights. After this, we need to assess the level of complexity of your invention. We do not charge the same for a low-complexity consumer product as we would for a pharmaceutical or software invention. We have three complexity levels: Low, Medium, and High. These complexities are true for patentability opinions, provisionals, and non-provisionals
Feeling Bold? 
To meet with a Bold Patent Attorney, all you need to do is self-schedule a free 30-minute consultation USING THIS LINK at a time convenient to you. The meeting will be by phone or video, and you'll get a detailed review of your case, with a summary, a quote for our flat-fee and next steps to move forward.
Even if you're not ready to schedule a consultation - we encourage you to read the materials here on our site, educate yourself on the law and the process using our free PDF copy of Bold Ideas. You can also sign up to receive our newsletter and receive communications about any specials or events.

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