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Bold Considerations! A Granted Patent In One Country Does Not Guarantee International Patentability

November 7, 2017 What Is a “Utility Model Patent”? Every patent system is territorial, which means that a patent in one country or intergovernmental organization (for example European Union) is enforceable only within its territory. Each country or intergovernmental organization has different laws and regulations on patents. For this reason, even if you have filed […]

Bold News! Carefully Consider Your Choice Of Colors Or End Up In Court

October 24, 2017 So there you are on a Sunday afternoon, heading to the local hardware store to pick up some new landscaping equipment and the first thing you see is a green and yellow lawnmower. If you guessed right away that the lawnmower is made by John Deere, then you will most likely agree […]

Bold News! Nintendo’s Recent Trademarks Has Fans Buzzing About The Company’s Future Products

October 17, 2017 Innovation is not necessarily a straightforward progression, and when innovation occurs, it does not mean that prior technology is abandoned. Take recorded music for example. With the evolution of recorded audio, technology advanced alongside to account for the changes in the medium. Sure, the majority of the U.S. population is utilizing devices […]

Bold News! Basketball vs. Yoga: Battle of the Trademarks

The upcoming NBA season is nearly underway, which means the star athletes once again have started releasing their annual trademark sneakers. With shoe contracts rivaling the players’ actual salary, brand name and design are more important than ever for players and shoe companies like Nike and Under Armour. LaVar Ball, not wanting to wait for his youngest son […]

Bold Moves! The NFL’s Most Offensive Team Gets a Win: USPTO Can No Longer Deny Offensive Trademarks

October 2, 2017 The Lanham Act, which was enacted on July 5, 1946, is the United States’ primary federal trademark statute. The Lanham Act provides how trademarks can be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) for trademark protection, and also provides the grounds on which the PTO can refuse to register […]

Bold Moves! Patent Inventorship vs. Ownership: Distinctive Concepts

September 27, 2017 The old concept of a patent used to be that an individual inventor comes up with a brilliant idea, files a patent alone and sets up a company to commercialize the invention. As technology becomes more complex and cooperation becomes a norm, it becomes much harder to come across a lone inventor. […]

Bold Innovation! Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, and Intellectual Property

September 22, 2017 In a world of cryptocurrency and digital payment systems, Bitcoin is king. Hated by large traditional financial institutions (JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon say Bitcoin is a ‘fraud’) and big government (China’s Cryptocurrency Crackdown) alike, Bitcoin has grown a reputation as a fast growing currency used by criminals. It has become clear with […]

Bold Decision! A “Selfie” Taken By A Monkey Leads To A Copyright Lawsuit

September 14, 2017 For the past two years, there has been an ongoing battle between primates and humans, and surprisingly this battle took place in the courtroom, not a movie theater. The beginning of this story takes place in 2011, when British nature photographer David Slater traveled to the country of Indonesia to photograph and spread awareness […]

Bold News! The Trump Administration Nominates A New USPTO Director

  September 6th, 2017 On Tuesday, June 6, 2017, Michelle K. Lee submitted her resignation to step down as the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office after a brief two year stint. After two months of speculation on who would serve as the interim Director, the Trump administration has finally nominated several […]

Bold Innovation! Toyota Files A New Patent To Keep Manual Car Transmissions On Our Roads

August 29, 2017 To car enthusiasts, there may be no better feeling than getting behind the wheel, revving up the RPM’s, and having complete control over a powerful engineering wonder. Driving as a sport has been around for hundreds of years and the technology behind automobiles within the consumer and professional industries has advanced considerably. […]


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