KUSHAL MALHOTRA – Patent Attorney

Kushal completed his undergraduate degree from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts in History. He was also the captain of the varsity tennis team during his time at Brown. Kushal spent a year after college and coached tennis full-time before entering law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. He then shifted into the biotechnology space field, and matriculated to Georgetown University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences where he received a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry.

Kushal embarked on a career in patent law where he prepared, processed, and prosecuted patent and trademark applications at a boutique firm in Tucson Arizona, Hayes Soloway PC. Working at a four lawyer firm side-by-side with the founding partner. With 40 years of patent prosecution experience, the founding partner was able to provide Malhotra a grass roots, soup to nuts understanding of the patent process: finding inventors, isolating invention ideas, assessing their value in the marketplace, drafting patents, advocating on their behalf with USPTO patent examiners, defending them against infringers, and etcetera. This process is ingrained in Malhotra’s style of patent counsel.

Several years into his career, Kushal went to Business School full-time in Madrid, Spain, at the IE School of Business. The experience provided him a much more nuanced and technical understanding of the fundamentals of business: finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, and strategy.

Kushal is a rare breed, a passion-driven lawyer with business knowledge. One that does a lot more then help you obtain a patent. He can help you to build a business around it. On his spare time, Kushal is a 200-hour teacher trainee in yoga.