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When passwords are cracked, sensitive information is often compromised. SECURITe Passwords, made by Reverse Image Technologies, allows for a password owner to set one password, and use it for life. Using a combination of colors, sizes, fonts, letter position, and etcetera, a password owner is given the ability to customize and encrypt the letter that make up his/her password in nearly 50 different ways.

Lullaby EffectAARG has created their product, Lullaby Effect, which uses a combination of different types of lighting devices, connected to a system, that when performed per a specific method, replicates the effects of sunrise and sunset by providing certain wavelengths of light at certain times. Plants grow most effectively using natural light patterns, and Lullaby Effect is designed to give plants the optimal uv light exposure and produce the highest yields in plant growth, only second to nature itself.

Optimize your business’ search results with AdMedia‘s advertising services! Build exposure, generate revenue, get more users, and etcetera with AdMedia’s expert team of marketers, publishers, advertisers, developers, designers, and more!

OnView Security Services, Inc. is in the business of providing homes and offices with security and protection services. Ranging from Video Security Services, Remote Video Monitoring, HD Camera Systems, Complimentary Mobile Patrol, and more, OnView Security Services, Inc. will ensure that your property is safe from intruders. The best way to stop crime is to prevent it!

LocalMotion, LLC is a company focused on energy and environmental solutions including power generation and conversion, food waste disposal, and water treatment.

A division of Air Quality Laboratories, Chauncy Bell and ZeroWASTE provides a method for the disposal of wastewater that accumulates during the dry cleaning processes. This includes the reclaimed water from the dry cleaning machine, vacuum, and compressor. The ZeroWaste product line is made with the intention of being an economically and environmentally-friendly option for the disposal of wastewater in the dry-cleaning industry.

Dan Fine, and his company, Bot, Inc. provide an online tool and system that provides connected users with intelligent agents. With the agents, referred to as “Bots,” a user has the ability to increase productivity due to the Bots’ ability to “understand a user’s needs, reason deductively and inductively, find information proactively and make choices on a user’s behalf.” Make the networks, such as the internet, personalized without sacrificing security.

WARNING: Dr. Brecht’s website may contain graphic images relating to her cosmetic surgery services that may be considered offensive to some.

Dr. Brecht started Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa to provide individuals with a variety of cosmetic surgery and dermatology services. Located in Seattle, Washington, individuals can receive medical evaluations, treatments, and skin care regimens from Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Spa. A number of the procedures can even be performed while you are still awake, without general anesthesia!

Outage Ouster by Outage Ouster, LLC is a product developed to aid both wildlife and utility companies. With the presence of both wildlife and utility companies in our cities, it can sometimes be difficult to create a coexisting relationship between the two. Fortunately the Outage Ouster is a device that utilizes a reflective pinwheel, featuring holographic red and silver alternating reflective colors. The pinwheel is connected to one or more overhead power distribution transformer bushings and is successful at deterring wildlife from the utility equipment. Keeping the animals from the transformers prevents unnecessary deaths of the wildlife and power outages caused by any wildlife interference.