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Bold News! A Recent Supreme Court Ruling Changes The Patent Litigation Landscape! Will There Be Less Patent Trolls?

The Supreme Court recently held that a domestic corporation resides only in its state of incorporation for purposes of the patent venue statute. Justice Clarence Thomas, writing for an 8-0 court, (newly appointed Gorsuch did not participate in the decision because arguments started before his term) ruled in favor of TC Heartland LLC who said […]

Bold Move! Secretly Selling Yourself Out of a Patent

We all know that public disclosure of the details of an invention, generally more than a year prior to the filing of a patent, can stop an application cold. Disclosure includes a number of activities including, as one might imagine, putting a product on the market either to individual buyers or more broadly. One question […]

Bold News! Sell your Patents this August! Google, Among Others, to Hold 2nd Round of Patent Buying

Google’s 2015 Patent Purchasing Program Some may remember the Patent Purchase Promotion, which was a streamlined program offered by Google in the Spring of 2015. Google created a streamlined portal, where anyone who was a patent owner, or had the legal right from the patent owner to sell a patent, could submit their patents to […]

Bold News! Engineering Students Develop A New Method of Treating Jaundice In Infants

It is common for universities to have semester or year-long projects for students nearing the end of their programs. These “capstone” projects are typically designed to have students practice real-world scenarios of product development. In 2014, three engineering students at Michigan State University examined a known medical therapy and looked for ways to improve how […]

Bold News! Credit Card Security Takes A Leap Into Biometrics

Being connected to the information superhighway is not a one-way street. Today, developed nations are more connected than ever and this, unfortunately, is not without its disadvantages. Not only are you surfing the web on your computers, but also on our cell phones, video game consoles, Blu-Ray players, and even TVs! Most aspects of your […]

Bold Move! March Madness Has Come To An End, But Will The Term Ever Burn Out?

Another year has passed and another March Madness in the books. I would like to extend congratulations to Roy Williams and the North Carolina Tar Heels for a sixth national championship. I would also like to extend thanks for nothing to Villanova for ruining my bracket. Every year March Madness is one of the must-watch […]

Bold News! Beware of Innovative Fraud: Trust The Professionals

Fraud is an unfortunate constant in life. One that even the world of innovation is not immune from. One such source of fraud however that preyed on the hopes and dreams of innovators is no more. World Patent Marketing has been shut down by the FTC and their assets frozen. World Patent Marketing bilked likely […]

Bold News! All Butterfingers Rejoice! Your iPhone May Soon Be Able To Save Itself From A Fall

Smartphone users can all relate to the sense of fear and panic they feel upon seeing their smartphone falling out of their hands or pockets, and falling head first onto the hard ground or pavement. They may rush over in a panic to check and see what damage has been done to their valuable phone […]

Bold Move! IP Makes Its Way Into Cheerleading Uniforms

Cheerleading. To those unfamiliar with the art, the word “cheerleading” often conjures images of a gang of teenage girls in colorful, matching uniforms shouting various chants in unison to rile up a crowd. Let us not forget about the flips, tumbles, and other tricks for flair. However, cheerleading, especially within the competition realm, involves intense, […]

Bold News! The Battle for Self-Driving Car Supremacy Heats Up: Uber Hit With Patent and Trade Secret Suit

You have probably seen Google’s self-driving cars at some point in the past couple of years, probably in movies or on TV, as these little pod-like cars have been a flagship example of the future. Since Google began their self-car project in 2009, they have quickly become a leader in this technology. As of June […]


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